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Offer the best for a small price: this is our philosophy!

Ticino River Lodge offers complete, without schedule limit and therefore individually customizable guided fishing trips.

What does complete service mean? It means that the clients’ only preoccupation will be setting the alarm clock at the right time. The rest will be taken care and organized by our guides.

What does without schedule limit mean? It means that costumers will be able to fish for how long they desire, without worrying about the price.

What does individually customizable mean? It means that the costumers will pick the location depending on their preference, as well as the starting and finishing time. However, our guides are always available to advise the client on locations, whether regarding the possible catches and the difficulty of the spot.

What does each fishing package include?

For each kind of package

Each of our fishing packages includes:

  • Packed dinner/lunch, soft drinks and artisanal beers
  • Unlimited fishing, without preset schedule
  • All fishing stuff (waders and boots depending on the availability)
  • All lures and flies
  • Transportations
  • Fishing licenses

Which techniques and what kind of fishes?

For each kind of package

Ticino River Lodge's guests can practice flyfishing or spinning.

Together with our guides you can try to catch brown trout, rainbow trout, lake trout, brook trout and two species of char present in Ticino.

How much costs a fishing trip?

Offer the best for the smallest price

Ticino River Lodge offers the cheapest fishing trips.  Our philosophy is not profit, but to provide a high quality service.

To know the price of our fishing packages please contact us by e-mail.

We will try to combine the best package with your possibilities.

Can I bring my own equipment?

For each kind of package

Of course! Each guest of Ticino River Lodge can bring its private equipment to fish with us.

Obviously the price will be lower!

Which recommended equipment? Contact us via our e-mail to know what equipment is suitable for fishing in the waters of Ticino.

What kind of spot do we propose?

For each kind of package

Ticino River Lodge offers to its guests a wide selection of spots. You can choose to fish on one of the many streams of our valleys or on the biggest rivers of Ticino.

You can also choose to fish on our alpine lakes.

The spot's choice is based on your preferences and fishing  abilities.

How is a fishing day with us?

For each kind of package

We will pick you up with our car at the time chosen by you. Thereafter, and if you want, we will stop to drink a coffee. After this we will drive to the first fishing spot. After a lunch together you will restart to fish: in the above area or on a new river or mountain lake. In the evening, when you will be tired or fed up, we will bring you back where we met in the morning.

How many people can fish every day?

For each kind of package

Normally we bring individual fishermen, couples or small groups (maximum 4/5).

The quality of service remains the same: alone or with your friends we will put you in the best conditions to have fun and catch some nice fishes.

How does it work the payment?

For each kind of package

For individual fishermen and couples we ask you to settle the bill directly to the end of the fishing day.

For larger groups normally ask a bank transfer.

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